Breast Specialist

Breast specialists assist with diagnosing different diseases and ailments of the breast. They can also offer biopsies, mammograms, ultrasounds, advanced tests, guidance and counseling, and testing for patients with a family history of cancer. A breast specialist concentrates more on diagnosis and more specialized treatments, whereas OB/GYNs can offer basic breast health care. For instance, it could be difficult to check for anomalies in the breast tissue if you have dense breasts. For more sophisticated diagnostic services, your gynecologist can advise you to make an appointment with a nearby women's breast clinic. Additionally, breast health professionals can evaluate imaging and laboratory results and suggest additional testing or therapies linked to your breast health. Choosing a doctor to see for preventative care or a breast condition might be difficult when it comes to breast health. Your gynecologist may really recommend you to a breast care specialist for additional testing (such a breast biopsy) or procedures (like a breast ultrasound, breast wiring, etc.), even though certain OB/GYN practices may provide mammography screenings.

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