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The most prevalent type of head and neck cancer is oral cancer, sometimes known as mouth cancer. People over 60 are generally affected, on average. Lips, the tip of your tongue, the roof and the floor of your mouth are all impacted by oral cancer. Additionally, it has an impact on your oropharynx, which includes the roof of your mouth, tonsils, and the sides and back of your throat. The general name for cancer that affects the interior of your mouth is oral cancer (mouth cancer). When it manifests as white spots or bleeding sores on your lips or in your mouth, oral cancer might appear to be a typical disease. The fact that these alterations persist sets prospective cancer apart from usual problems. The oropharynx and mouth are both affected by oral cancer. When your mouth is open wide, you can see the centre of your throat, the roof of your mouth, and some of your tongue. This is your oropharynx. Oropharyngeal carcinoma is a cancer of the oropharynx.

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